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Feminist Youth Leadership Programme

Synopsis: A sneak peak into the Feminist Youth Leadership Programme Film by Star Hopper, made in collaboration with UN Women (India) and Gender At Work (India). The themes in this program deeply resonate with our mission, transcending mere relatability. Sharing space with such incredible trailblazers from across civil society dedicated towards change was transformative. We often talk about intersectional feminism, but rarely acknowledge the challenges it entails. Collaborating as leaders while nurturing our own movements takes immense effort. Building a support network for inclusive gender equality is no small feat. Witnessing this awe-inspiring journey has sparked a profound shift in all of us involved in the making of the film. 

The voices of our passionate collaborators, facilitators, and the extraordinary Gender at Work India team; understanding their process have opened our minds and hearts. Being part of this process, no matter how small our role, is a privilege we cherish deeply.


Length: 10 min | Language: English (English subtitles)


Premiere: 1st June 2023

Country: India


Gender At Work (India)

UN Women (India)

Screening:Launch of knowledge products for the Feminist Youth Leadership Programme (FYLP) at We the People Hall, UN House, New Delhi.


Film Production Company: Star Hopper

Director & DOP: Priyanka Verma

Producer: Varsha Panikar

Executive Producer: Asawari Jagushte

Editor(s): Dhanya Pillo
, Naveen Chandra

Camera Assistant: Ravi Gupta

Light Assistant: Kundan

Teaser Edit & Sound Design by Asawari Jagushte

Watch the film here.

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