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Delighted to have curated for Flying Chameleon Film Fest 2022, a groundbreaking event presented by The Particle Collective. This festival stands as a beacon for inclusivity, showcasing works from South Asian queer, trans, gender-non-conforming, and women filmmakers. The festival also featured 15+ queer+ally independent Indian filmmakers.


Our curation aimed to highlight the importance of diverse representation in South Asian cinema, focusing on amplifying marginalized voices through authentic and integrity-driven storytelling. We selected films across various formats from queer, trans, and women filmmakers to challenge traditional narratives and portray the complex nature of South Asian identities, aligning with broader social change and cultural representation goals.


While we live in an age, where visual content is of highest demand, we stop and celebrate what we never had and what we could possibly change - participation and exhibition of south asian films by south-Asian GSM, queer, trans, GNC and women filmmakers.

Reimagining filmmaking as a tool to tell stories of the underrepresented, with integrity, authenticity and honour. Grabbing back the agency that was never given, we showcase five films made in five different formats, by five filmmakers in various stages of their careers. A documentary, a narrative short, a visual poetry, a short animation and a multilingual narrative feature.

Curation to showcase:

1. The Housemaids by Asawari Jagushte

"The Housemaids, is a poignant exploration of oppression, desire, and fantasy within the confines of servitude" - UFO

2. Under The Rug by Nayanika Chatterjee

"Wildly absurd, joyfully upbeat and full of Groundhog day metaphors, Under the Rug is a wisecracking visual comedy loop that sucks you in and throws you out with a satisfied and a relatable giggle." - UFO

3. Yaha Waha by Sarah Li

"Yaha Waha has a sleight of hand in getting Bolly’s buoyant spirit meet Almass’s good humour. Using documentary format, Sarah Li does a magic trick that successfully captures intergenerational trauma and traditions that bind the two British Asian lives."

3. Bodies Of Desire by Varsha Panikar, Saad Nawab

"A visual journey that challenges conventional narratives around gender and sexuality, presenting a nuanced portrayal of queer relationships and desires that defy societal norms. Written and created by a team of LGBTQIA+ individuals from Mumbai, the film is groundbreaking in the way it captures the essence of queer desire and intimacy." - UFO

4. Lailaa Manju by Kamya N

"Lailaa Manju is a timeless tale that will stay with you long after the film is over. The film brings to focus the rigours of coming out, not in broad melodramatic strokes, but in a way that is tender, complex and light, like the flick of Manju's hair. A refreshing and much needed queer twist to the eternal tale of love; filled with emotions, queer Indian folks are all too familiar with. The film will keep you hooked to the seat, rooting for Manju.

Undoubtedly, one of our most favourite queer films by queer creative teams to have come out of India. So proud to be curating Lailaa Manju." - UFO

On each evening of the FilmFest, a 'MEET THE MAKERS' session was joined by the directors whose work was shown that day for a live discussion and Q&A session inspires dialogue among audiences about social justice, cultural dynamics, and personal identity.


29th & 30th October 2022

11:00 AM to 08:30 PM

Bipin Chandra Pal Auditorium, New Delhi



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