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The registration form for our Kinnaur Documentary-Theatre Project is now live!

About the Project:

Star Hopper and Nihaarika Negi - an International Interdisciplinary Artist with Kinnaura roots, are starting the initial phase of research and creative exploration for a documentary-cum-theatre project. This is a collaborative and participatory project that uses contemporary folklore and magical realism to explore the process of reconnecting with your heritage and culture in the face of climate change and environmental erosion.

Who We're Looking For:
We invite individuals from Kinnaur and those with Kinnaura/Tibetan/Nepalese heritage of all backgrounds and ages. People of every generation, including families and individuals from all walks of life, are all welcome. Whether they are a performer, a theatre group, an interdisciplinary artist (visual/sound/textile/installation/design), an educator, a thinker, a technologist or someone who is simply passionate about this subject matter and the arts, we welcome you to join us in creating a space for storytelling and creativity.

To connect with registered participants, we'll host a small one-day workshop in Chandigarh, Shimla, and Kalpa between 20rd October to 15th November '23. Date/Venue details will be provided in advance.

Selected participants for the film will be paid for their involvement.

Last date of registration is 15th October.
For any questions or more information, feel free to reach out to

Kindly share this form with anyone who might be interested. Thank you for your support!


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